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A big thank you to Drewzie for putting it all together, and to everyone who filled their hard drives with our glorious deaths. 
Tuesday (1/13/15): Tuesday Hardcore Linebattle

Wednesday (1/14/15): Brigade Practice

Friday (1/16/15): Friday Hardcore Linebattle

Sunday (1/18/15): Vae Victus Shieldbattle

As always, check the state of the game post on the subreddit for comments/extra details. I'm going to run Rome at War on the server Sunday so we can do a little prior practice in something similar, since I still can't find the server files for Bello Civili. I'll see you all there!
The Roman Civil War mod http:/// Bello Civili is what we'll be using to kill the enemy with our OP down stabs. Join us sunday for a ancient staberino.

Server: Antioch_NA (name will change to Vae_Victus_Event before match)

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Spamdini a posted Dec 24, 14
With Christmas fast approaching I would like to wish everyone happy holidays and most importantly that your captains love you all and that we are not obligated to turn down any gifts you send us :)
Sapient As a proud atheist, I am incredibly offended that you mention Christmas and not any of the other holidays by name. I was ...
The Plunger I have a million pretzels to offer my captain. I will simply need you to give me your address, DoB, SSN, and mother's ma ...
Diadem a And happy saturnalia
As with our previous full invasion events, you can expect hilarity and death. Download the mod here: and make sure you download early! This is a large mod. I recommend the "low res" version, as this game already takes a day and a half to load. We'll see you all there!
Freespace >I miss Hentai Invasion Is there a Cthulhu battle?
Savolainen5 a I miss Hentai Invasion
Quijin Night version best version
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